Zipper Basic

Zipper Basic

A Brief Information on Zipper:

Zipper consists of two fabric tapes (usually polyester) with teeth fixed on it. These two tapes are sewed into the clothing, luggage etc and the teeth are closed into one another by a slider. The zipper allows the clothing, luggage etc to be opened or closed. The functional contribution of zipper is unimaginable.

Close End Zipper

2-Way Zipper Open End Zipper

Zipper Types (as Per Teeth Material) :
The material used in zipper teeth gives its name.

PZ Plastic zipper/Plastic molded zipper (Also known as Delrin from Dupont's polyacetal resin brand). Polyacetal resin is molded into making the plastic teeth.
CZ Coil zipper/Polyester zipper Polyester monofilament is used to make the teeth. Previously it was known as Nylon zipper as nylon monofilament was used then. The name is still in use
MZ Metal zipper. Name depends on metal used for teeth making
IZC Invisible Polyester zipper
GB Golden Brass zipper. Brass is used to make the teeth
GK Antique Brass zipper. Golden Brass zipper is antique plated. Different types plating can be done
PB Pre-formed Brass zipper. This is special type of zipper where instead of flat brass wire, pre-formed brass wire is used for teeth making
AL Aluminum zipper. Aluminum is used to make the teeth
NI Nickel zipper. Nickel is used to make the teeth
Zipper Types (Depending on Teeth Size)

Zipper comes in quite a few different teeth sizes. The sizes are given a whole number nearer to its width. Each teeth size has a definite dimension.

Example: #3, #4, #4.5, #5, #6, #7, #8, # 10 and onwards. (#3 is smaller and #10 being bigger)

Zipper Types (as Per Function) Zipper has few different types as per its function.
  • O (O/E): OPEN-END
  • C (C/E) : CLOSE-END

Note : 2-WAY CLOSE-END Zipper is also available.

Now let us see how we can name zippers based on above types.

Examples :

* PZO#5 : Plastic zipper #5, open-end
* PZC#5 : Plastic zipper #5, close-end
* PZM#5 : Plastic zipper #5, two-way, open-end

The same is true for all other types of zipper. There are some other functions of zipper that needs to be kept in mind.
Position of Slider
L/S LEFT SIDE SLIDER (RIGHT HAND INSERT) Europe and Asia : Used both by male and female. USA : Generally used by female
R/S RIGHT SIDE SLIDER (LEFT HAND INSERT) USA, Canada, and South America: Generally used by male
MZ Metal zipper. Name depends on metal used for teeth making
Slider Locking System
Slider has automatic locking mechanism. Pulling up releases it
Semi Auto-Lock
Slider has to be pressed manually down for locking mechanism to work. Pulling up the pull releases it
No locking mechanism present at all
Safety Locking System for Plastic OPEN-END Zipper
For open-end plastic zipper, a safety locking system is necessary so slider does not come out from the zipper. It is very essential for zipper to be used for children wear. This is called SAFETY LOCK/KOB/TOP-COP etc type Plastic open-end zipper
Slider Coding System
There are many different sliders and each group is coded under a system. Few are given for your understanding
D: Die-cast (sliders are usually die-cast zinc alloy)
A: Auto-locking system
F: Non-locking system
R: Rubber puller

Example :
DA: Die-cast auto-lock slider. This is regular puller
DF: Die-cast non-lock slider.