Tips for Zipper

Tips for Zipper

A knowledge of ordering and using zippers by both apparel manufacturers and apparel users can be of great convenience to both.

For Apparel Manufacturers :
Appropriate Zipper
Apparel manufacturers must check the appropriate zipper necessary for the particular garments. You can discuss with us of your requirement and we will suggest you the right zipper.
Washing of Apparel
Apparel manufacturers must take care of the zipper while washing the garments. Improper washing or vigorous washing may not be suitable for the zipper. We suggest you to discuss with us of the washing method while ordering zipper to us. Appropriate protection for zipper should also to be taken while washing. If proper care is not taken, washing damages the zipper even if the zipper is of the right quality. NEO Zipper is not responsible for any zipper quality and functional damage due to improper washing by buyer
Sewing to Apparel
The sewing operator must have proper knowledge of sewing zipper into the apparel or it might damage the zipper
Storage of Zipper
The zipper must be stored in dry place as humidity may affect the zipper. Zipper must be stored away from any chemicals
Metal zipper may be affected if used in leather garments. Many types of chemical are present in leather which may affect the zipper
KOB type plastic open-end zipper must be used for children wear
Nickel Free
We suggest you to use nickel free zipper as nickel causes allergy to skin
Non-Magnetic Slider
Should be used to pass the apparel for anti-needle test
Color Fastness
Must check the color fastness requirement before placing order for zipper.
Color Matching
As zipper color is usually matched with apparel fabric, the method and light under which such color matching has to be done should be clearly explained to zipper manufacturer. Same is true for matching with color cards
Slider Strength
The apparel manufacturer must make sure of the zipper strength especially required for children wear.
Apparel Users :
Smooth Slider Operation
Slider should be operated smoothly otherwise the teeth of the zipper may get broken. Once a tooth is broken the zipper can not used
Zipper can be waxed to make slider move smoothly over the teeth
Proper heat should be applied if iron is passed over the zipper. We advice you to keep the zipper closed and cover the zipper with a piece of cloth while ironing
Zipper should be cleaned from time to time. Wax can be used for it
Cloth Caught in Slider
If a piece of cloth is caught between slider, force should not be applied. The cloth should be released by pulling the slider back slowly