Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Quality of the product is the most important factor in manufacturing. NEO zipper uses Total Quality Management (TQM) system in manufacturing zipper. The choice of TQM was found to be the most appropriate one especially in zipper manufacturing so far. We think that Quality Management is a continuous process and participated by everyone in the company for betterment of all.

We are explaining in brief of the system we follow. Japanese, TQM comprises four process steps which we follow, namely :

  1. Kaizen Focuses on continuous process improvement to make the process visible, repeatable and measurable.
  2. Atarimae Hinshitsu The idea will work as they should. In this case the zipper must perform as it should.
  3. Kansei Examining the way the user applies the zipper to improve it.
  4. Miryokuteki Hinshitsu Zipper must have an aesthetic quality where the user feels good in using the zipper.

In simpler words the TQM that we do :

  • Correct order taking by the marketing personnel.
  • Sampling a random selection of zipper is tested as per buyer's requirement. The cause of any failure is isolated and corrected. Then tested again till the requirement is fulfilled. The statistics are measured and tracked for process not to fall in failure band of the statistics.
  • The failure has to be identified and corrected and cheaper method to be found to rectify it.
  • The process is impertinent in each and every step of process for raw materials, machineries and products.
  • The final products are checked piece by piece too for zero defects.
  • People are trained continuously to get in-depth idea and knowledge of TQM.
  • The TQM process is a continuous and dynamic one for us