Our Business

Our Business

NEO is an international quality zipper manufacturing and selling company using the world class American and Korean branded zipper manufacturing technology. The result gives a branded zipper with competitive price.

NEO was established in 2004 as a private limited company with investments from Republic of Korea, Canada, USA and Bangladesh. The individuals who are the running the company are experts in the art of zipper manufacturing and selling since 1992. They acquired the zipper manufacturing technology from a branded Korean zipper manufacturing company and gave it an international touch to make it a world class. The best of machinery, raw materials were searched from all over the world and combined with the best of Korean zipper technology to produce zippers which are of world class. NEO started manufacturing for an American world famous zipper brand on OEM basis. This allowed NEO to be exposed to the American zipper manufacturing technology from the beginning. The fusion of the American and Korean zipper technologies gave rise to the world quality NEO  brand zippers.

NEO zippers are manufactured with the best of man, machines and materials but with limited impact on the environment. NEO's continuous concern and responsibility of people and the environment has made NEO to stand out among the zipper companies.

NEO is a OKOETEX STANDARD 100 CERTIFIED manufacturer. So the zippers produced by NEO have no harmful substances of any sort which
can cause any harm to the user or to the environment.

Raw Materials
NEO purchases raw materials with utmost care from very reliable suppliers who are as concerned as NEO of the environment and the social impacts.

Transportation of NEO goods to buyers' accounts for a substantial part of total emission of carbon-dioxide and NEO is committed to reduce it by using CNG driven vehicles.

NEO gives the best of products to its customers with the best price and service.

NEO teaches its customers to safely use zipper in their apparels and ensures that the customers are satisfied with the quality and function.

CSR Strategy
NEO targets a business which is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. NEO manufactures and sells zippers which have the highest of quality with the best of service and competitive price but then socially and environmentally sustainable.

CSR Management
The CSR management is divided into two parts. One is office and the other is production. Each is headed by a Director of the company.