Making of NEO

Making of NEO

NEO zipper is the fruit of few individuals who are dedicating their time in the pursuit of zipper manufacturing & development, and investors who believed in them. The story started in 1992 but now the reality is NEO zipper.

A short chronology of events :
1992-2002 : Few individuals joined a foreign zipper manufacturing project in Bangladesh. The project started in greenfield with the set up of the manufacturing facility. Then the local marketing was developed. Eventually the international nomination market was captured which is the ultimate in zipper business. They mastered manufacturing, local and international marketing of a world brand zipper. They mastered the totality of zipper.

One of the individuals left for Canada in 2002 and started marketing for the same company to establish the brand in the nomination market and export to Canada directly.

Year Event
2004 NEO Zipper Company Ltd. was conceived by those few individuals and supported by the investors who put their trust on them. NEO was incorporated
2005 NEO manufacturing was set up with the best of machineries. Started trial production of plastic, polyester, metal and pre-formed brass zippers
2006 NEO Zipper started full production in January.Metal zipper production capacity was increased by investing in new machineries
2007 Started Polyester zipper line with plastic molded stoppers
2008 Started in-house electroplating process. Increased metal zipper capacity
2009 Investment on capacity increase on all zipper manufacturing was done
2010 Increased Polyester zipper line with plastic molded capacity
2011 Started Invisible close-end zipper line. Incorporated improved technology to smooth the sharpness of metal zipper teeth. Started Polyester #3 open-end zipper production
2012 Started to use sharp less top-stop in metal zipper to avoid sharp edge, which is necessary for child safety