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NEO Zipper is the product of few individuals who have been associated with a Korean branded zipper for over a decade. The technology of zipper manufacturing of Korea is one of the highest in the world and zipper produced under branded technology from Korea is one of the best in the world.

In Bangladesh NEO is the second company who fully used the branded zipper technology from Korea in 2005. From inception, NEO started manufacturing zipper for one of the top most international zipper brand from USA on OEM basis.

The process involved into integrating the Korean and USA zipper manufacturing technologies and the result was one of the best zipper to come out from the production system. NEO zipper is one of the best branded zippers in the world.

NEO Zipper = American Technology + Korean Technology

(NEO Zipper is also a Korea Bangladesh Joint Venture Company)

NEO zipper is a Euro-American branded quality zipper. The quality of products in Europe and North America are the highest in the world and as such branded zippers are successful as brands only if the quality can cater to the highest requirements of Euro-American buyers. NEO, from inception has been using the American-Korean zipper technologies to come up with zipper quality which successfully started catering to the Euro-American buyers. Moreover, NEO has been improving every year and now one of the best zipper choice of Euro-American buyers.

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Our production facility is equipped with modern machinery and skilled labor force working around the clock for the production of diversified Zippers for the buyers around the world. We are in compliance with sustainable environment friendly global standards and maintaining quality and precision in manufacturing.

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30+ Years Experience

With the relevant experience of 30 years in the Zipper and RMG industry Neo Zipper strives To live up to the global standard.

Energetic Team of Professionals

We have an energetic team of Experts and industry leaders having thorough experience of the product.

Eco Friendly Business Practice

By following ethical business Practices and caring for environment Neo Zipper is considered an Eco Friendly Business entity.

Use of Modern Technology

Our tech and equipment makes us unique and enables us in making the best product and render services like no other.

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Global Corporate Head Quarter

NEO Zipper Company Limited 7/A, Squibb Road, Kathaldia, Borodewra Tongi (Near Dhaka) Gazipur- 1711 Bangladesh
Tel: (880) 2-9814952, 9814953, 9814954
Fax : (880) 2-9814951

Canada & USA


Canada & USA Representative Office
Contact Person : Irena
North America Central & Latin America


Canada & USA Representative Office
Contact Person : Jean Renaud
Tel: 1-613-721-3508, 1-613-276-2235


Seoul, Korea

Room No.309, Youngchook Building, 235-8, Yongdap-Dong, Sungdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : 82-2-2249-9847
Fax : 82-2-2249-4385



Contact Person : M.H. Liu
Tel: (0086)-13822287896



Contact Person : Mamun



Contact Person : Mamun



Contact Person : Ton Bender
Tel: 31-628432758


Contact Person : Romman Uddin Khan
23 Colless Road, London, N-15 4NR, U.K.
Tel: +44 (0)79 1262 7341